Women Over 60 With An Oblong Contour

If you are a woman over 60 with an oblong contour, you perhaps have a straight, athletic shape with little to no curves. You have minimal waist definition, a tiny tush, and lovely, lengthy legs. Here are our suggestions:

Fabrics that drape and gather on your body will generate a softer, curvier silhouette. Don’t be afraid to incorporate color into your outfits, primarily toward the bottom half of your physique. This will create curves around your hip area. Textured fabrics add volume. Stylish ruffles and pleating are best worn on the upper part of your body near your chest, which will incorporate softness and fullness to your breast area. Accentuated sleeves and soft, floaty fabric will also add to the illusion of a curvier body.

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Women over 50 with a round body have shapely legs and a natural, full bust. Women with this physique will want to lessen the stomach area and focus on creating balance and definition of the waist.

You can also make V-necklines with headscarfs if you don’t have a variety of V-neckline tops on hand. Have fun with accessories. The key to enhancing the round shape is in developing the illusion of vertical lines by draping scarves, using long jewelry and earrings that have length. Use darker, neutral colors closer to your body for the inside layer and lighter colors on the outside. Develop a visual focal point that attracts the eyes up toward the neckline, which will help make the midsection look more defined.

Women over 40 who have the triangular physique, also described as the “pear shape,” have a defined waistline and shapely butt. You will need to reduce fullness below your waist and add the impression of balanced shoulders up top.

Surrounding your bosom region, try out textured materials including pleating and tasteful ruffles. Slight embellishments near or on the shoulder area will give the visual appeal of balanced shoulders as opposed to sloping ones. Cinched tops that are properly fitted and finish on top of your waistline will further add distinction to your waistline, which, therefore, creates the quintessential hour glass shape.

An upside down triangular body type means you have lengthy, lean legs and a swimmer’s back that is a little wide and lean. With this body type, you will really want to highlight curves in the lower half of your body and minimize your upper torso.

Use darker colours on top and light shades on the bottom. Try out horizontal stripes and patterns in tops, which direct the eye to your long legs. Accept your swimmer’s shoulders by putting on halter tops. Wear tasteful, fitted clothing to highlight your waistline and flaunt your athletic attributes. Choose wide-legged slacks, especially with the flowy fabric.

She urges women over 60 not to be afraid of wearing large, statement pieces. As example, a small strand of pearls may look stylish, but in some cases, a string of over-exaggerated pearls would emphasize your appearance and finish your outfit.

You should also consider sashes, or, alternatively, unnoticeable belts if you do not like this accessory. Women typically need to have a belt, but they don’t appreciate the cumbersome buckles, so often go without one. To fight this, Wilkins and her pair of sisters created a company that produces an” unnoticeable” belt made from paper-thin plastic with a little snap. She says they work for women in their forties who don’t want the added girth from a belt buckle.